Wednesday, November 25, 2015
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Image Gallery of Namrata Shrestha from her first movie Sano Sansar. Namrata Shrestha was really appreciated for her role in the Movie Sano Sansar and the movie became really successful. Several newspapers in Nepal had good reviews about sano sansar.

Sano Sansar has fostered Nepali movie industry not only by introducing new trend but also by attracting more viewers who are into watching other language movies.

Here’s the gallery of the Movie Sano Sansar that includes Namrata Shrestha. You can click on the thumbnails to view full size.

Please note that all images may not include Namrata Shrestha, as it is overall gallery of the movie Sano Sansar. Let us know what you think through comments regarding the images.

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Namrata Shrestha along with her some Casts and crew of her movie SANO SANSAR visited some valley colleges to promote her upcoming movie. This campaign was done in order to attract youngsters towards nepali films and especially towars this movie.(SANO SANSAR). The following pictures include Namrata Shrestha in the event activities.
Namrata Shrestha Movie Promotion

Namrata Shrestha Movie Promotion 3

Namrata Shrestha Movie Promotion 2

Namrata Shrestha Movie Promotion

Here’s the Gallery.


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Wallpapers of Namrata Shrestha from the Movie “Sano Sansar”. Sano Sansar is the most successful Movie of Namrata Shrestha which brought her in the industry.
Here are the best wallpapers of Namrata Shrestha from the movie. You can download them by clciking on the images and saving them.

Please note that these wallpapers may take some time to load as they are really high definition ones. Did you like the wallpapers from Sano Sansar ? let us know in the comments below.