Thursday, March 23, 2017


Namrata Shrestha Interview – Ripe, Ready bachelorette

The single Lady Namrata Shrestha is ripe and ready now. Well, thats what the Ripe-O-Meter Result for Namrata Shrestha on E-nasha has to say....

Namrata Profile

Name:Namrata Shrestha Nick Name:Neroo   Birthdate:14 June   Birthplace: Dharan   Zodiac Sign:Gemini   Education:+2   Vital Stats:32' 24' 34'   Height:156 cm   Weight:42   Skin Color:Fair   Eye Color:Brown   Hair Color:Brown   Marital Status:Single   Modeling started in:1997   Hobbies & Interest:Dancing, Singing SOME MORE ABOUT HER Your biggest assets:Dimple How...