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Namrata Shrestha Images

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Namrata Shrestha model 3

Of course you know it; Namrata Shrestha is the Goodwill Ambassador for Beach Cricket Festival in Nepal. Beach Cricket Festival is an event intended to promote tourism in country and was organised by Shangri-La Cricket Academy

“I am very excited to be the Goodwill Ambassador for Beach Cricket Festival. This is one of a kind and a creative event. I am sure during this; the youths will get an opportunity to both enjoy and learn,” says Namrata Shrestha.”

Well, here we bring you the image gallery of Namrata Shrestha attending press meet organized by Shangrila-la Cricket Academy at Bakery café Pulchowk on Wednesday, February 24, 2010.

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Nepali Movie “Mero Euta Saathi Cha (Nepali: मेरो एउटा साथी छ) (English: I Have a Friend) is released on September 11, 2009. After a year of production, the movie won’t follow the queue system. With that provision, it won’t get screening dates at the Bishwa Jyoti Cinema and Ganga Hall but will be allowed to screen at other cinema halls of both Kathmandu and outside. Well, the Movie Preview was there with the red carpet at Jai Nepal. View all Images of Namrata Shrestha of the Movie premier Event below.

Here’s the Gallery for the images.

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Image Gallery of Namrata Shrestha from her first movie Sano Sansar. Namrata Shrestha was really appreciated for her role in the Movie Sano Sansar and the movie became really successful. Several newspapers in Nepal had good reviews about sano sansar.

Sano Sansar has fostered Nepali movie industry not only by introducing new trend but also by attracting more viewers who are into watching other language movies.

Here’s the gallery of the Movie Sano Sansar that includes Namrata Shrestha. You can click on the thumbnails to view full size.

Please note that all images may not include Namrata Shrestha, as it is overall gallery of the movie Sano Sansar. Let us know what you think through comments regarding the images.

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The movie “SANO SANSAR” was released successfully in nepali theatres on 12th september. The premier show event of sanosansar was held at Jai Nepal Hall on September 11, 2008. Many Nepali film celebrities participated in the event and it was almost a red carpet event for Nepalese Celebrities. Namrata being an actor of the film too participated and was also thaked for her performance in the movie.
The following are the pics of her involvement in the event. She is really looking hot in RED.