Friday, September 4, 2015
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namrata shrestha Nepali Site

Namrata Shrestha Spoke to Nepalisite after her long disappearance with regard to the Video scandal. However, she didn’t discuss anything about the scandal in the video.
The reporter discussed issues of her Movies in the video. Stuff such as how her movies are successful, why she is very pricey actor, about her recent restaurant and also her studies plan were discussed with Namrata Shrestha. Apart from her acting career Namrata Shrestha also wants to be a child psychologist and is planning to join Masters program in psychology. Watch the video above for more responses.

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Namrata Shrestha along with her some Casts and crew of her movie SANO SANSAR visited some valley colleges to promote her upcoming movie. This campaign was done in order to attract youngsters towards nepali films and especially towars this movie.(SANO SANSAR). The following pictures include Namrata Shrestha in the event activities.
Namrata Shrestha Movie Promotion

Namrata Shrestha Movie Promotion 3

Namrata Shrestha Movie Promotion 2

Namrata Shrestha Movie Promotion

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